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V- Taken Characters

Below the cut you will find a list of taken characters. When you are accepted- please post here with the following information:

Character: Demyx O'Donohue sitar_solo
Cliché: Artsie
Other Info: Demyx is a very shy individual who would rather tip-toe his way around people than make friends with them. If, however- you do manage to get close to him, you'll find he can be very out-going and chirpy. Demyx is also very timid, and often starts talking to himself in the middle of conversations. Neither has he had very much luck in the love department- unable to tell when people obviously have a crush on him and also too shy to make an advance if he also likes someone. His one true love, however, is his music, prefering to sit in the music room and play his sitar than talking to people. One thing people may not know about him is that he is in a swimming team outside school, meaning he is quite good at PE despite the fact he doesn't try very hard at it.

He lives only with his mother- as his parents divorced when he was younger. But his mom is away on business a lot, so Demyx is often left alone for weeks on end. Not that he minds though- he likes his peace and quiet. ♥

Player: Cal
Contact Info: Msn: CoolCalz@msn.com ♥ Aim: XigbarGoBoom

Character: Axel jock_of_flames
Cliché: Jock
Other Info: Axel is basically your typical Jock. He is cocky, arrogant and loves to do nothing more than wind up teachers. Axel spends most of his time playing football or hanging at the back of the school with the other Jocks. He loves fire and is a complete pyromaniac. He is a insensitive jerk when you first meet him, but if you get close to him he isn't that bad. Axel has a reputation around school as one of the badass', basically if you want to be in with the "cool" crowd, he is the one to talk to. He is also the sort that fails at most , but using his methods seems to have an endless supply of cheat sheets for upcoming tests.

Player: Sakura
Contact Info: MSN: EternalSailor@hotmail.co.uk AIM: Littlemissmisa

Character: Zidane Tribal tail_flick_snap
Cliché: Artsie
Other Info: Despite what one may think, Zidane’s history isn’t a happy one at all. He grew up as the second son – both sons were born out of wedlock, and both their mothers had died when the boys were still infants - to a man named Garland, a crazy scientist who went a bit power hungry at the laboratory he worked at. He was exceptionally cold to his two sons, always putting his work first, and neglecting their care horrendously. Finally social workers got to know about the situation, and Garland lost custody of his children. In the process of this, Garland’s less than legal exploits at work came to light as well, and the man was imprisoned.

Zidane and his brother Kuja were separated, put in two different foster homes. This turned out to be quite the shock for little Zidane, he was five at the time, and he managed to suppress his memories of his biological father and brother quite fast.

The man he ended up with, a drunkard actor wannabe, who did some theft on the side, Baku, was a violent man who often abused the boy, both physically and sexually, and he tried from time to time to run away, but as time passed, he somehow got used to the abuse, and managed to settle down, figuring it was the only way Baku could express his love for him. Many were the times when Zidane came to school more black and blue than anything, but he got really good at concealing the bruises as time went by.

Right now he lives together with Baku in their trailer outside Twilight Town. He too aspires to become an actor, and unfortunally, he too has achieved some sticky fingers as he grew older and got into the ‘wrong’ crowd; kids that were the children of some of Baku’s acquaintances. One of them, Blank, turned out to become his best friend, and they’re often seen together.

Zidane’s often seen wearing odd, miss matched clothes, rarely clean, but he does try to make his hair look clean; he doesn’t want to come off as complete trash after all. The ladies would hate it.

Player: Gottis
Contact Info: AIM: Angelic Tensai, email: sailoryuugi @ yahoo. se

Character: Larxene Savage electrene
Cliché: Plastic
Other Info: Ths girl may act sweet, but she is as sadistic and mean as they come. She enjoys nothing better then tormenting everyone she judge as 'below her'. She is also rather smart for a Plastic, as she enjoys reading quite a lot, but she really would rather be making out with a handsome football player than at home studying.

Larxene also comes from a rather well off family and is a Daddy's girl to the core- she can get what she wants, whenever she wants when it comes to him. The rare occassion she can't get what she wants- she gets even nastier if that's even possible. This feisty little blonde basically hates anyone who is not a Jock, Plastic or Richie and has been known to blackmail and sweet talk Geeks into doing her homework for her, since she sees it as a waste of time.

She couldn't care less what anyone says about her- she's a bitch, and damn does she know it ♥

Player: Cal
Contact Info: Msn: CoolCalz@msn.com ♥ Aim: XigbarGoBoom

Character: Naminé Snow snow_crayon
Cliché: Artsie
Other Info:

Naminé is a quiet girl that loves nothing more than spending all her time in the art room. She is quite smart, but rarely answers questions in class and gets on with the work. She will only really talk to close friends and doesn't care much for boyfriends. She has a few close friends which she will do absolutly anything for. She is protective over that small group and if anyone does anything to make them upset, you are going to have a very angry girl with crayons. She is trusting and your secret is safe as long as it's not anything about someone she cares about. She wont let anyone come to harm and makes sure her friends are always safe.

She lives with her dad on the edge of town. He normally works so she usually is in the house alone or out with friends, her dad is sensitive about men in general being around his daughter and is somewhat over protective of her. She also has a long lost sister, but has never been able to get in contact with her as she moved away before they could speak.

Player: Saku
Contact Info: AIM: Littlemissmisa ♥ MSN: Eternalsailor@hotmail.co.uk

Character: Franklin Delano Donut lightishredplz
Cliché: Plastic
Other Info: Franklin is more commonly known as his surname, mainly because it’s supposedly ‘cute’. Not surprisingly, he grew up without a father figure around, living alone with his mother instead. Obviously, he is a bit of a mommy’s boy, and the fact that she had always wanted a daughter didn’t make things any better for Donut. He usually wears pink, which he will insist that is lightish-red. Because of this and that he is so far the only guy in the school’s cheerleading team, his sexuality is often questioned.

Donut is a rather chirpy young man who tends to get on with most people in the school, due to the fact he can never quite bring himself to be deliberately nasty to people. Most are surprised to hear that on weekends, he goes to Cadets- claiming he wants to be a solider when he finishes his education. Because of all the exercise he does, he’s as strong as any of the football players at the school and therefore isn’t picked on easy. Most of the time- he will over-look most insults anyway, unless they are directed towards his sexual orientation or his choice in clothing.

Player: Cal-Mod
Contact Info: Msn: CoolCalz@msn.com ♥ Aim: XigbarGoBoom


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