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I - Setting

Our main setting for the roleplay is the Kingdom Heart's world of Twilight Town- the land of eternal sunset ♥ How romantic.

Twilight High is seperated into many different areas- each containing different class rooms and activities. ♥

Also listed here are various other settings around Twilight Town that your chacters may want to visit with friends, go on dates... the town is your oyster.

The Cafeteria

One of the few places in the entire school where all the social groups mix together. Each group- stereotypically- has thier own 'allocated' table, though it's common for new students to sit by themselves at a few of the single tables or crouched in fear in the toilets.

The Computer Lab

The Geeks' stronghold. The lab is open every lunch time and break time, along with an hour before school begins and until six o'clock at night. Twilight High School's computer network contains no filters and has web messenger services. Though, be carfeul what you look at- the Headmaster can track your every mouse click!

The Music Room

The music room is the place that bands and music geeks like to meet up at breaks and discuss the latest songs, practice music, or simply to get some peace and quiet from the hubub of the rest of the school. The room contains a number of instruments that are free to use, but students are encouraged to bring thier own. ♥ You may also find the odd emo around here as well.

The Art Room

One of the quietest places in the school- as it is in it's own seperate block from the rest of the school. Here- you will usually find a few shy individuals sitting in corners, drawing or crafting. Sometimes, the chattier Artsies will flock into the material room next door for a talk. The art room is also open to students throughout the day, though not before school has offically begun.

The Science Labs

Where all the science classes are held. Only one lab is open to students for the whole day- one that is supervised by a teacher. We don't want our students blowing up our lovely school, do we? ♥. It is open for revision, but please do keep the experiments for class time...

The Courtyard

The courtyard is usually populated with Jocks running around, throwing footballs and the Plastics not too far off, discussing each of the boys and sharing gossip. It's the best place to lounge around in the sun and over hear a juicy tit-bits of information. Skaters usually hang around here as well, along with the Emos.

The Corridors

The corridors around the school are where all the students' lockers are located. Locker numbers are givan out at random- so who knows who you'll end up next too! Scattered throughout the halls are also various notices, vending machines and water fountains.

The Field

The field plays host to many different sports activities during lunch breaks and after school- though students are welcome to use it at any time before and after school for excercise, or just to watch thier friends compete. The Plastics also gather here to admire the sports players.

The Pool

Since the weather in Twilight Town is basically always sunshine for most the year- the school's pool is located outside, behind the playing field. There is a shower block were students can get changed and this facility is also open at any time to students. But don't let the staff catch you getting up to anything bad ♥

The Library

Twi-High prides itself on it's library. It has a vast variety of books for ll levels of literacy and a nice lady to help you check out whatever books you require ♥ The Richies go here for peace and quiet, but Geeks hover around the computers when they need to come up for something and maybe a few others of the student body drift in now and again too. Plastics and Jocks hardly ever enter here unless it's necessary.


This is were the assemblies are held. It is open to students to use for presentations and meetings for thier clubs- should they choose to open one. All clubs must be reported to the Headmaster though (aka- if your character wants to open an anime club for example- run it by us mods first ♥).

Gym Hall

The Gym Hall is where indoor PE lessons take place, and is open to students to use for after school activities. It is also were the dances and other events wiill take place.

Drama Room

This is the meeting place for all the drama geeks in the school. It is supposed to be used for practice for the school's plays, but the students can bring thier lunches along and talk as they wish.

Sunset Hill

Although it's not strictly part of the school- Sunset Hill lies behind it, beyond the field. It's the perfect place to watch as the sun sets, and also makes a good place for finishing up a date. ♥


Downtown is home to many bars, shops and cafés. It's the place for students to relax and forget about school, most probably at the ice cream parlour located near the station. There is also the Sandlot- were there is a Struggle tournament once every few months. The school usually announces these events over the intercom system.


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