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II- Clichés


Geeks are those who are exceptionally intelligent and do well in school. These are the kind of students that get straight A's and that never fail a test. Geeks are those who work exceptionally hard at achieving their goals and will do anything to get them. Geeks are normally those who are pushed around by those who are full of pride either forced into doing their homework for them or carrying a certain girls books home. Geeks are also the ones that get along well with the teachers and never start a fuss or get into the slightest bit of trouble. Geeks are the ones that never spend their time outside in the sun playing football or participating with large groups. They stay with close friends, have a laugh and normally talk about pretty much anything.

Outside of school geeks barely leave the house, normally inviting friends over and playing the Xbox or finding a new way to hack the schools computer system. They also don't have much experience with girls and dates, normally passing on the opportunity to take them out or even visit them unless they are carrying their books home.


These are only available with girls and maybe a few boys to be fair. These are the sort of girls who think they are the prettiest and those who catch the boy’s attention. Their life revolves around what the newest fashion is and what the biggest gossip is. They spend their time in school flirting or doing their make-up in a small compact mirror. These are the girls whose parents are rich and spend most of their money by buying her everything she asks for and will normally be a daddy’s girl. They will normally wear their skirts 3 sizes to small and their blouse shows off at least a bit of flesh. Plastics will do anything to get their own way, from posting all over the small network devices who your crush is to telling the whole school your darkest secret.

They are not to be trusted and spend most of their time outside of school going out on dates, shopping, visiting boys or going to the cinema.


These are the pupils that are artistically inclined, either in drawing, graphical design or have a musical talent. These pupils are the ones that are doing well in school, but exceedingly well in either of the subjects just mentioned. They can either be amazingly good at drawing/painting, therefore spending most of their time doodling in class and spending some lunch-times in the art department catching up on portfolio work.

Those who are good at graphical design are those who work hard in Graphics class and can making anything from wood to metal. They have a great imagination on inventing new equipment.

Musical talented students will spend most of their time looking out the window in class or listening to their Ipod, humming along to the tune and failing to listen in class. They often spend thier breaks in the Music Room.

They will also normally stay away from the Plastics and Jocks, staying with their close friends. Normally they are either very shy or very out-going, it depends.


Jocks are the popular males of the school. They treat everyone else like their slave and don't care about anyone else apart from their group and selves. They dislike anyone who isn't a Jock or Plastic, but exceptions can be made on occasion- like if there is no one else around to talk too or they want help in class. Jocks are the ones that fail in school and don't turn up for class. They refuse to do their homework and will always come up with an excuse on why they haven't done it, this excuse will normally not be logical or it will be completely childish. They themselves are moderately sexist, thinking woman are only good for one thing- or if you want to be different they also think other males are only good for one thing; Sex.

Jocks will normally be in packs residing outside on the football pitch or behind the school.


Emos are often laughed at by the Jocks and the Plastics, as they appear to be easy targets. They get on rather well with the Geeks and the Artsies, however. Most of the time they can be found out in the courtyard, in the music room or sometimes the art room on occasion.

They often tend to do well in school- as thier quiet ways allow them to listen more in class, and generally they like to read a lot. Emos are sometimes very whiny though, getting on a lot of people's nerves.


Skaters can be found out in the school's courtyard, trying out new moves on the walls and staircases. They are generally quite a cheery group, always seeming to be laughing and having fun, although at least one always has thier arm in a cast due to a board related accident.

They like to talk a lot about pretty much anything and tend to get on well with most people, although conversing with them can be an experiance as they like to use wild hand gestures and words like 'dude' and 'radical' a lot in their sentences.


The Richies are just that- rich beond belief. Unlike the Jocks and Plastics though- they just like to get on with thier school work instead of gossiping constantly and failing.

They can be quite bitchy and alof at the best of times, but what do you expect from spoiled brats who have been able to get thier hands on everything they wanted all thier life?

They tend to get on okay with the Geeks, as they seem to be the only people they can have an intelligent conversation with. Usually, though- they prefer to keep to thier own social group, hanging out in the library.


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