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III- Rules

♥ If you would like your character to have a background history with one of the pupils already in Twilight High, then please talk with the Mun before hand. If the Mun agrees then you can add that into your Application. If they disagree we don't want trouble, so do not argue and make a different past for them.

For example;

If you would like Roxas to have had a relationship with Axel in the past and Axel-Mun says no we don't want a raging post of "AKUROKU IS WIN! WHY WONT YOU PUT THEM AS A PAIRING CANON CANON!" Mods will not be happy and will kick you immediately. Also- don't be bitter towards another player if thier character is in a relationship with another. Crushes are acceptable, but don't force pairings upon other people ♥ That's something we feel very strongly about here.

♥ Grammar- We all know not everyone has the perfect grammar skills and can't always have it spot on, so we won’t judge for a few mistakes. But- if the whole post is full of mistakes that are not deliberate we might need to have a talk.

♥ If your character has a special ability in canon, they will not have them here. This is a real life school RP- that means Axel will not be able to wield chakrams or be able to set people on fire. He might still hate Vexen and will be a pyromaniac, but won’t have the powers of Canon Axel.

♥ OOC and IN. We do not want any of the characters out of character; yes this means we do not want a sudden change in personality. Please try and keep them as close to the canon character as possible and also this fits into the Cliché groups. We don't want a character in the Artsies and suddenly becoming a Jock, but if you wish for them to change Clichés for a plot, then please tell the Mods first so we don't contact you for being OOC.

♥ About the Clichés- please choose a group that goes well with your character. We understand that some characters will fit in to more than one, but please chooose wisely. For example- Demyx will not be a sporty, sex-mad Jock but more of a laid-back Artsie instead. And try to keep relationships as canon as possible. Plastic!Larxene will not become bffs with Geek!Vexen.

♥ Timezones are bitches. Don't get pissy if you have to wait longer than usual for a reply, you can always pretend that the comment was made a few minutes after your own in-game anyway ♥ No biggy~

♥ We have no age limit here, all we ask is literacy and fun-loving muns ♥ But please you understand that some content may not be suitable for young eyes, and that all mature content should have a warning on it.

♥ We also don't have a character limit just now, but things may get a bit tougher the more characters you apply for. Please also check that your character is not taken or reserved before applying.

♥ We are now a multi-fandom roleplay. You can play any fictional character from a show/game/manga/book etc.

♥ Going back to canon relationships. If- for example- Reno-mun joins the game and Axel is already present- then Reno-mun can ask Axel-mun if they wish to be relatives. If Axel-mun agrees- all is good. This makes sense for certain characters, such as the Kadajlets and Roxas and Sora, but please don't have Riku running around saying that Pence is his twin brother... Also- if the mods are a bit... 0.o about the family ties, we will contact you and ask for your logic behind that. If it's reasonable- then we're cool with that~ ♥

♥ Have fun or Cal-mod will eat you. ♥

If you have anymore queries- please post here and we'll answer them ASAP~


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